1. (obsolete except Scots) stomach mucus, especially of a hawk.
  2. (obsolete except Scots) any slimy, viscous substance.
  3. a urethral discharge, especially as a symptom of gonorrhea.
    • 1980: ‘There was this Estella, a real drab, being given syph and gon and gleet by Augustus John, and Tommy has her living with him in that place of his in Earl’s Court and going to a doctor, nothing wrong with her actually but there might well have been, and he never touches her, you know.’ — Anthony Burgess, Earthly Powers

5 letters in word "gleet": E E G L T.

No anagrams for gleet found in this word list.

Words found within gleet:

ee eel el elt et gee gel gelt get glee lee leet leg let te tee teel teg tel tele